First Laika Dealer in Slovakia

luxusne karavany Laika

First Laika Dealer in Slovakia

Dear friends, adventure lovers!

We are very proud and excited!
Our company Flying Dog received the right of an exclusive dealer in Slovakia from perhaps one of the most charismatic caravan manufacturers – the LAIKA trademark.
It is very symbolic how harmoniously our brands and logos have united: two flying dogs, the most faithful and smartest creatures in the world.

Owning a LAIKA motorhome is prestige, status and luxury.
* LAIKA has a 55-year history. This is an important parameter and here’s why. This means that:
* LAIKA has its own long-term school of design engineers
– the design of the LAIKA motorhome has already got rid of the inevitable „childhood illnesses“
– LAIKA has developed its own recognizable style
– LAIKA has experienced several global crises, and its products are in demand
– LAIKA became part of the Ervin Hymer Group and „combined“ Italian and German blood, two of the world’s best automotive schools, Italian beauty and German quality
– LAIKA has developed an excellent marketing strategy, and has the widest range of models, as well as a wide price range, from inexpensive and practical, to HUUGE and luxury cars.

The first LAIKAs have already been ordered and will arrive to us in late 2021 – early 22. Happy owners of brand new LAIKA motorhomes will be able to drive them this winter. The motorhomes have been ordered in a very high configuration. This is LAIKA – there is no other way.
Our order has already been accepted at LAIKA. Trust us, we know a lot about caravans, and we order only the best models with the best options (although it’s not easy to choose – everything is very attractive). However, for a couple of weeks the window is open for new orders, and it is possible to order a caravan „tailored to your needs“ for you.
Call us! We will share our joy with you.

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