FRANCE: Romantic and amazing


France, the most romantic and wondrous country. The country with richest history, many sights, museums and with great geographic location. Discover the new and popular way of traveling with your own wheelhouse, which allows you to see the most beautiful places where ‘civilized’ tourists have not gone and not to worry about hotel booking and luggage. While traveling with wheelhouse across France, you will see the massive snowy mountains – Vosges and Alps.

Provence will surprise you with endless fields of lavender. Loire will make you acquainted with medieval castles on its banks. Cote d’Azur will give you the slow delight of Riviera and the Mediterranean Sea. The motherland of perfumers – Grasse – will amaze you with the amount of aroma factories, and you will be able to cheaply buy some of your favorite! Gorgeous and green Champagne will give you the views of world-famous grape gardens and taste of shimmer wines.

Numerous medieval monasteries and abbeys will astonish you with nobility of ancient times. If you travel with children, you should visit the Puy du Fou amusement park, where you will be able to see the vanished worlds and epochs, Coliseum with grandiose gladiator fights, chariot races, knight battles and Viking attacks, and also see the most beautiful show with wild birds. And in the end of the day you will visit the grandiose show performed by hundreds of artists and shown with ‘living paintings’.

Many cheese factories, wine yards, bakeries, real caves where mushrooms are grown, small breweries are waiting for you at the local suburb ways in charming tiny towns. One can speak about France infinitely, but it will be better if you see it all and love it by yourself.