RV Equipment

Be sure that your trip by Motorhome can be done in maximum comfort! In addition, FLYING DOG also guarantees that you can travel quite easily! Your caravan will be equipped with everything you need: from bed linen, bicycles to kayaks! Bring only your personal things and bravely hit the road!

The most important for caravan's excursion

PRÍSLUŠENSTVO KARAVANOV - motorhome equipment - wohnmobil ausrustung
Сookware set
In basic price
In our motorhomes you will find all the necessary kitchen equipment for cooking. Even the strictest hostess will appreciate our efforts.
doplnky do karavanu - motorhome equipment - wohnmobil ausrustung
Canine Pinguin Kettle L 1,5l
In basic price
This hardened aluminum kettle has a cover and folding handle. On the surface is an anodised layer with a fireproof and heat-resistant finish. Included a transportation bag.
Automatic Coffee-machine
In basic price
Enjoy your favorite cup of coffee at any time during your trip. Prepare a strong espresso or aromatic Americano at the touch of a button.
doplnky do karavanu - motorhome equipment - wohnmobil ausrustung
Set of dishes made of hardened aluminum for 4 -6 persons
In basic price
Set of dishes made of hardened aluminum for 4 -6 persons. On the surface is an anodized layer with fireproof and anti-antivandal finish. Contains 3 pots and 1 aluminum pan. Also included is a dishwashing sponge.
Pozicovna karavanov - Wohnmobilvermietung - Motorhome rental
Sets of outdoor cookware
In basic price
The Outwell Blossom Bamboo Dining Set is a great choice not only in the campsite or picnic but also in the Caravan dining.
Set of wine glasses
In basic price
In the equipment of our caravan, we took care of such trifles as wine glasses. Let your holiday be perfect.
Pozicovna karavanov - Wohnmobilvermietung - Motorhome rental
Set of kitchen accessories
In basic price
You will feel comfortable with a set of kitchen accessories and tools.Each hostess will appreciate the kitchen equipment of our caravans. They have everything from corkscrew and spatula, to kitchen boards and kitchen textile and paper towels.
prislusenstvo karavanov - camper equipment
Outwell Knife Set
In basic price
A set of three blades with non-slip grip Knife set from Outwell. Thanks to them, you easily prepare any food.


príslušenstvo karavanu prenajom
Clothes and pillows
In basic price
The set includes: anti-allergy pillow and seasonal blankets
doplnky do karavanu - RV rental equipment - Wohnmobil ausrustung
Bed linen
25 Euro/reservation/person
Travel Easily! Bedding will be waiting for you in the motorhome. The set includes: sheet, duvet cover, pillow case, large and small towel.
Hair dryer
In basic price
Our caravan has equipped with a hair dryer. You will not have to wait in line at the campsite, you can freshen up at any time.
PRÍSLUŠENSTVO Karavanov Flying Dog
Outdoor tent carpet
In basic price
Outdoor tent carpet. Two-sided long-life rug is made of rotproof, non-phthalate material. In addition to cleanliness and hygiene in the Motorhome, it creates a feeling of home comfort.
príslušenstvo karavanu
Tablet 13''
In basic price
Included in the rental price, you will also find a tablet with recorded movies, maps, as well as instructional videos that may be useful to you during the trip.
PRÍSLUŠENSTVO karavanov - motorhome equipment - wohnmobil ausrustung
GPS navigation
2 Euro / day
Navigation Mio-8670 Truck is equipped with the latest and most advanced navigation technology. With the advanced IQRoutes ™ Learn Pro ™ technology, you always get to the goal quickly and comfortably. Built-in map of 44 European countries, which are adapted taking into account the mass and dimensions of the Motorhome. You will never fall into an absurd road trap.
karavan doplnky - motorhome equipment - wohnmobil ausrustung
2 Euro / day
The device highlights the small amounts of ether, various narcotic gases, propellant gases, strong smoke and propane / butane. Universal plug for 12-24 V cigarette lighter socket.
1 Euro / day
Our motorhome has a safe for jewelry or electronics installed. The key is available at an additional cost.


kempingove zariadenie pre karavany
Locker Outwell Bahamas
2 Euro / day
Locker Outwell Bahamas (72 x 45 x 81 cm, 5,00 kg) The Outwell Bahamas universal folding cabinet will help you get your things sorted whether when camping.
outwell hamilton
Outwell Jamestown table
2 Euro / day
Portable table Outwell Jamestown (70 × 115 × 74 cm) is easy to open and packable. The table has adjustable feet in length, and their ends are pads for better stability of the table.
kempingove zariadenie Flying Dog Wohnmobilvermietung
Outwell Hamilton table
2 Euro / day
Hamilton folding table from Outwell (80 × 150 × 70 cm), a Danish company, is an essential addition to any camper-man, and is also suitable for a picnic. Beneath the desk is a practical storage net for magazines and small items. The table is easy to fold and expand, and in a folded state it is also easy to carry.
kempingove zariadenie
Small camping table
1 Euro / day
Small folding table for 4-5 persons is easy to fold and expand, and in a folded state it is also easy to carry.
Armchair Outwell Milton
2 Euro / day
Outwell Milton is an ergonomically shaped chair made of elegant polyester with a strong aluminum construction. Comfort of the cervical spine provides an adjustable headrest. Milton from the Danish manufacturer Outwell is a high-quality, highly comfortable drawing in a decent style. It can spread and fold in seconds; made of high quality fabrics; Aluminum construction; Easy and easy to carry; 7 adjustable positions; Adjustable and removable headrest
Armchair Vango Hampton Rocker Chair
2 Euro / day
Rocking chair Hampton Rocker Chair by Vango is a pleasant relaxation supplement for camping trips and relaxing in the garden. Thanks to its steel construction and a padded polyester seat and armrest, it can carry loads of up to 120 kilograms, while being very comfortable. As is typical of this type of chair, Hampton can be comfortably folded and disassembled. Its transport and maintenance are very easy to do.
Fisher Chair
1 Euro / day
Pinguin Chair is a lightweight folding camping chair made of quality steel with powder coating. Load capacity up to 100kg, compact dimensions are suitable for transport and convenient placement. The armrests have an intergraded drinking cup. The headboard is specially softened.
elektro gril
Table electrical Grill
2 Euro / day
Power consumption: 2300 watts; Adjustable thermostat; Input AC; Easy to clean.


Children's camping chair
1 Euro / day
The Bo-Camp Folding Camping Chair from the same company is designed for younger camping fans, also suitable for garden or water.
Kid Comfort III carrier from 3 months to 5 years
2 Euro / day
The ultimate child carrier for family outdoor adventures. The Kid Comfort III features a stable frame construction, a soft ergonomic seat and super comfortable Flex hip fins for stability and weight distribution.
Baby car seat Joie Every Stage FX 2017
4 Euro / day
The most flexible seat. Unique car seat approved from birth up to 36kg! 4 seats in 1 - Every Stage FX covers all existing weight categories of 0+, I, II and III seats, making it possible to use it from birth up to about 12 years. Safe, comfortable and wise.
Kids Booster
1 Euro / day
Booster seat for the car, seat fastening is ensured by a safety belt, for children weighing 20-36 kg, child safety is ensured by a 3-point belt, installation in the direction of travel, removable (washable) cover


Focus Whistler bike
Focus Whistler branded mountain bike
7 Euro / day
Bicycle Focus Whistler 21''.
Kellys Colibree 18'' branded mountain bike
7 Euro / day
Bicykel Kellys Colibree 18''.
10 Euro / day
The folding electric scooter from the premium Segway brand has maintenance-free 9 "wheels with all the benefits of pneumatic tires, reaches a maximum speed of 25 km / h and travels up to 25 km on a single charge. It recovers energy while driving downhill.
Walkie Talkie Motorola TLKR T80 EXTREME Twin Pack
2 Euro / day
The Extreme Edition differs from the standard TLKR T80 in colour and packed in a carrying case with an accessory, expanded by 2x headset and 2x neck strap. Advanced features, easy handling, great reach and durability are the features of the unrivalled Motorola TLKR model. The TLKR T80 offers all the features you need for challenging tasks in sports and on your vacation, even in extreme environments. A waterproof yet functional shape, up to 10 km of free space, a practical built-in LED Flashlight and many other useful features will offer you the TLKR T80.
To be agreed
We are able to provide you with any campsite and other equipment that you request. Tell us your wishes and we are happy to fulfill it...