How to choose a motorhome: Advices for buyers

We suggest that you read several tips from the FLYING DOG on how to buy a caravan. You will learn what to pay attention to first of all, what are the most important parameters of the car, and also you will be able to decide on the layout of the interior space.

We will consider: what are the different types of Autocaravan and how to navigate between?

Differences could be divided into external (external design and architecture of the case) and internal (interior layout).

External differences: In Europe, there are 4 main types of Caravans:

  1. Van is a minivan with a factory van (such as the Mercedes Sprinter or Ford Transit), in which the caravan manufacturer simply “built” the furniture, without changing anything outside. Externally it looks like an ordinary minivan.
    1. Pros: The cheapest class, very compact, which is why it is very maneuverable.
    2. Cons: inside everything is dense, as in a spaceship.
  2. Alkov Autocaravan: have a very characteristic alcove above the driver’s cabin, in which the bed is located. The cabin of the car is kept brand-car, to which a large residential compartment is attached.
    1. Pros: A stationary bed in which children like to play; Expanded space; The opportunity for adults to stay in the living room while the children are sleeping in an alcove;
    2. Cons: Classic (non-futuristic) exterior design; Slightly higher air resistance and fuel consumption; Requires experience when maneuvering.
  3. Semi-integrated Autocaravans: do not have an alcove, because of what they got their second name: Low Profile. Instead of a stationary bed (alcove) have a lowered bed, which made it look more modern and streamlined. The driver’s cab is also kept brand-car, to which is attached a large and wide living compartment.
    1. Pros: Very modern appearance; Low air resistance and fuel consumption;
    2. Cons: Not detected.
  4. Integral Auto caravans are the most advanced technically. Only the chassis (frame) with the motor is used from the factory car. The driver’s cab and living room are built by the Caravan’s manufacturer as a one-piece (integral) module. Actually, the Caravan “starts” already from the cockpit, which is very wide and comfortable for the purpose of travel.
    1. Pros: The most spacious inside.
    2. Cons: Price – the most expensive, because the most technically perfect. There are very large caravans that require driving skills.

Internal differences: there are an infinite number of options for planning the internal space. But they can also be grouped into main classes. The main areas of the caravan are: Passengers and driver area, living room area, kitchen area, shower + WC area, sleeping area. More:

  1. Number of passengers. How many certified seats are available for passengers equipped with seat belts and their location.
  2. Driver’s zone is the same for most cars, except for Caravans of integral type. Pay attention to the convenience of movement inside this area and the comfort of the driver’s seats.
  3. Living room area: there are many design options for the living room: Layout of the table, armchairs, sofas. Design and versions of furniture and additional accessories (TV, pr);
  4. Kitchen area. It is necessary to assess the availability, design and mutual location: plates, refrigerator, sinks, hoods, ovens, luxury or practicality of kitchen furniture;
  5. Shower + WC area. Should be assessed whether separate or combined toilet and shower, their size (that is – convenience), their luxury / practicality, ease of access for all travelers at night.
  6. Sleeping area. The main indicator: the number of places for sleep. Next, you should evaluate the design and layout of the beds: Lifting, dvojetážová, alcove, King-Size, transformable. Their mutual disposition. The convenience of the life of some travelers, while others go to bed.

We wish you easy choice and successful travel!