Motorhome service, installation of additional equipment, spare parts

Hello friends!

For a long time now FLYING DOG s.r.o. is a dealer of the companies Fritz Berger and MOVERA – the leaders in the European market of camping accessories and spare parts. Whether you are looking for eco-friendly bamboo dishes or sturdy camping furniture, a new solar awning or trailer mover, an air conditioner or bike rack, solar panels or a 230 Volt inverter – we will be happy to help you.

We will help you choose the best option, give the best prices (as in the catalog and even below) and mount it on your caravan quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.

We are dealers of TRUMA and THULE – therefore our prices and speed of delivery of spare parts are unrivaled.

If your caravan needs any spare part, we can help.

Repair of any complexity (without access to the engine part), including body repair, replacement of plastic windows, repair of water supply and electrical systems, installation of any spare parts and accessories, multimedia systems and parking assistants, rear parking cameras and GPS – we do everything quickly and efficiently.

It is also important that we work when it is convenient for you. Our clients do not wait several weeks for their turn to come.

As fast as possible and with the highest quality – this is the motto of Flying Dog!


 Vyšehradská 7A, 851 06 Bratislava

 +421 902 109847, +421 904 592705