Completely New Rental Devisions Fleet

Flying Dog Motorhomes

Five new, brand new caravans in the parking lot of our company are waiting for their customers this summer. Ok, let’s be honest: the better part of the summer is already taken up by our loyal customers, who astutely started making their bookings well in advance.

This season, our rental division will operate top models CARADO T447/8 in the maximum possible configuration: with automatic transmission, powerful air conditioning in the living compartment, a multimedia system with cameras and parking sensors, a large solar awning, full equipment inside and outside.

All motorhomes are 2022/3, with almost zero miles, with an incredible smell inside «A la perfume «New Car».

Yes, a good dozen of new, brand new motorhomes and trailers from the German and Italian brands LIKA, LMC and CARADO are waiting for their new owners. These motorhomes will be bought very soon and will disperse all over Europe.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) we do not have cheap, inexpensive, modest, discreet, featureless middle-class motorhomes.

Sorry, we only have immodest, daring, expressive and admirable luxury caravans in the maximum configuration.

However, our prices will also pleasantly surprise you – they are amazing. Just like our caravans. We are waiting for you.

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