GERMANY: Paradise for a driver


Germany with its best highways in the world is a true delight for every driver! This country is completely adjusted to car traveling. While renting a motorhome, you can make up your own individual touristic route. Take a great tour across the country with your family, including your personal possibilities and tastes. And the amount of campings with many parking lots along all the touristic routes of Germany will make the journey easy and careless.

Having begun your way in a cozy camper, you will be able to adore the incredible beauty of Alp Mountains, picturesque lakes, medieval castles. The cities are ready to welcome you and astonish you with its architecture marks – grandiose complexes, cathedrals, art galleries, museums.

While visiting Berlin – the capital of Germany, which is called ‘the great History book in stone’. It is one of the most joyful and lively cities in Europe, you will be taken aback by its incredible energy. The main sights here are the famous Brandenburg Gate – the symbol of Berlin, Reichstag, Alexanderplatz and Cathedral Palace. There is an incredible amount of malls and outlets of highest quality: the Berlin shopping is going to be interesting. You also cannot pass Cologne with its world-famous gothic cathedral and the trademark souvenir – the well-known Cologne water invented here.

In Dresden you should visit Zwinger – the palace and park complex, where the famous art gallery is placed. In Munich, the town of museums and beer and the capital of Bavaria. During the national holidays, particularly Oktoberfest, you can see the local inhabitants dressed in national clothing. The locals keep the traditional alive. Literally every single town has something unique of its own: practically every of them has a harmonic unity of medieval architecture and modern infrastructure, perfect order in everything and romance. People are very kindly and specifically welcoming.

After returning from Germany you will become a little bit German, having taken everything best from the culture of this country.