Motorhome Hire: CARADO T448 5-seats FOXTROT


When calculating rental length, we apply the following rules:

1. Motorhome pickup (start of rental) will take place between 15:00 and 18:00. At this time, we will sign the documents together, verify the payment, take the RV and additional equipment and undergo short training. In the evening, you get your luggage in your motorhome and get off the road in the morning.

2. Motorhome returning (end of rental) will take place between 9:00 and 11:00. We will jointly check the condition of the motorhome, sign the protocol and we will then clean the RV and prepare it for the delivery to the next customer at 15:00.

3. The first and last day of rental shall always be subject to a discount of 50%.

4. In any case, you can also pick up and return your motorhome in any other way (before 15:00 or after 11:00), but in this case, the reservation system automatically adds one or two rental days to you.

5. Additional one-time fee for picking up or returning the caravan on the weekend: 50 Euro for each case, this amount will be added when the invoice is issued.

6. For more details, please read our General Trade Conditions.

7. For an optimal loading of the reservation calendar, we kindly ask you to “attach” your reservation to a previous or subsequent reservation in order to avoid the formation of “unused” gaps. In case that your reservation is not made in accordance with this requirement, we reserve the right not to confirm it, but at the same time offer alternative dates or a motorhome.

Dear customers, we would like to inform you that the total that will be shown in the reservation table is not the final one. The booking system does not take into account the discount for loyal customers and for renting for more than 15 days as well as a service fee for picking up or dropping off a caravan on weekends. This data will be adjusted in your invoice.

Thank you

Motorhome equipment and other equipment to order

Your motorhome can be equipped with everything you need. See the additional device HERE at the page MOTORHOME EQUIPMENT (the page opens in a new window).