Looking for caravans to rent near me?

We started searching a caravans to rent near me. We booked the Alpha caravan for about ten days to drive down to Greece. The interior design of the RV was very much up our alley (very modern, clean and spacious) Driving the RV was super easy and comfortable because it’s automatic and is equipped with a great multimedia system. We were 5 persons and had no trouble comfortably. Regarding the equipment (such as kitchen, bedding, outdoor stuff) they really thought of everything.

On the way back, we stopped at cozy places for relaxation and sightseeing. There is absolutely no need to drive into the campsite if you can stay in a safe and comfortable place. But it should be really safe.
Our children are happy. It was far-sighted from our side to rent a comfortable motorhome. In fact, chance helped us. We were just looking for a caravans to rent near me. But Flying Dog was very convincing and we never regretted our choice.

An automatic transmission has an invaluable advantage for a caravan.

Especially if we are talking about long distance travel. That is, just for us, the automatic transmission allowed my wife and me to change places while driving. The high-quality multimedia system in the motorhome’s cab allowed us to listen to our favorite music while driving. And the fact that the caravans were new meant that there was silence in the car while driving. What happiness it is: listening to music, not the noise and creak of old furniture!

The motorhome has mosquito nets on the windows to make us feel safe. The smoke detector also worked properly in the caravan. On a hot day, we turned on the air conditioner in our motorhome and felt very comfortable. The kids were happy and they are already planning to repeat this beautiful motorhome trip.
But we, parents, also fell in love with our mobile home)).

All in all, we highly recommend renting a Flying Dog caravan because everything was perfect.

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