Luxury motorhome rental: FD is one of the best

Super! One of the best caravan rental locations in Europe. The car is in perfect condition, new. Consumption of 10-11 liters of diesel. Cruising speed 100-110 km / h. The transmission is manual. Acceleration is very smooth, read slow) but for a car weighing 3.5 tons it is approx. Kitchen utensils are included. Bed linen, grill, outdoor chairs, etc. can be rented. The beds are wide, huge !! A 200 liter water tank, enough for 4 people for 2 days (shower, dishes). Toilet 25 l also change every 2 days or not use) otherwise the smell. Gas supply 2 cylinders, for 14 days was enough for us. With a strong desire in Europe, you can find a place for overnight parking free of charge. And paid parking and comfortable campgrounds on every corner. The roads are narrow, the drivers are polite, the police do not stop, the border guards are friendly. International rights are not needed to travel in Europe, Russian is enough. Traveling by caravan is convenient and fun! Everyone to the caravan! ))

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