Motorhome hire near me: Thank you and good luck to everyone

We are a married couple and we have two dogs. Amiga and Elzu. We spend all our free time together. And a holiday is one of the reasons to discover new places and experience something special. We have been planning a long-term stay at the 10th year of APZ CUP  in the Nesmer Recreation Center. We decided not to use the accommodation in the “pioneer camp”. Even if it would be an experience, but we will try to find a motorhome hire near me and rent us a long-term dream – caravan.

The choice was clear …. Flying DOG 🙂 and no need to guess twice 🙂

So, we found the motorhome hire near me. At the first meeting, we were enchanted by both the caravan and Mr. Yuriy Oblog. A professional approach and at the same time humanity convinced us of the right choice. We recommend that you read the contractual documents. As the apartments are not in place after the rental. Fortunately, our stay went without any problems and we returned the caravan in the same condition.

During the rental we had a couple of technical questions towards Mr. Oblog and his promise “24 hours on the phone” is true.

Our caravan at a meeting turned into a café on wheels, and our friends liked to stay with us. And, of course, everyone was curious about what it looked like there.

After 4 days we moved to a camp in the wine town of Poysdorf / Austria /. Not only us, but also our dogs were looking forward to our cozy caravan. Where each of them found his place to rest.

We believe that there will be an opportunity to rent a caravan from Flying Dog. And we will be able to fly from weekdays to extraordinary experiences.

Thank you and good luck to everyone

ELza NAda MIchal AMIGO


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