Rent an RV for a week? Hey people! Flying Dog at your service

Hey, people!
If you want to rent an RV for a week, then I recommend this rental service with no doubt.

•    Absolutely new caravans (I believe mine still had protective stickers on surfaces)
•    Good set of additional equipment

•    Price is lower comparable to Germany and Austria. Quality is sometimes better
•    No problems with renting-returning process
•    Firstly I loved logo ?
I have had a trip for kiting in Podersdorf am See. My LMC 737 Breezer was the newest in the camping and I felt like the most popular girl in a high school haha ?
Flying Dog are awesome guys, young family who treat their business very serious.
I mean they are involved in all the process a lot.
Couple examples:
They’ve insisted on me coming to the office, not in the morning, but the evening before. I appreciate that a lot because it took me much more time to set ready than I thought ??

When I was not smart enough to switch on the water (two hours in a raw ?) I’ve called to the office in the middle of the night and apparently it was easy.

To sum up: I will rent rent an RV for a week here in future.

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