Part 3. During the motorhome driving

  • Pay attention that the motorhome you are going to drive has large overall dimensions: 7.4-meter length, 2.3-meter width, 2.9- meter height and weight of 3500 kg;
  • While driving, remember about the height of the motorhome and pay attention to possible obstacles at a height of about three meters: the ledges of buildings, balconies, eaves, tunnels, branches of trees, bridges and so on are especially dangerous.
  • The length of the motorhome is 7,4 meters (with bikes – approximately 8 meters). Please be careful while the backward motion, manoeuvres on the road and the motorhome’s running in the camp, etc. The length of the motorhome behind the rear axle is more than 2 meters. Its rear part is considerably shifted during the turning movements – please hold a clearance gap while turning movements at safe distance from any obstacles;
  • Special attention should be paid to ascent and descent of the ferry. The ferry’s personnel probably will try to place your Motorhome along a board where it is easy to get damages;
  • While parking or driving into the narrow spaces another crew member should always assist and direct your actions;
  • Always keep a safe distance on the road! A 3.5-ton motorhome has much higher kinetic energy than a passenger car. That’s why your Motorhome cannot be stopped at the same distance to which you got used to.
  • While driving you always have to keep 20-30 km/h less speed, than you got used to while driving a passenger car. Especially on turning movement, highway spirals or countryside roads, etc;
  • On the highway, we recommend you the cruiser speed of about 100 km/h. At a combination of optimum use of all gears, good weather conditions and the flat area the fuel consumption will lower than 10 litres;
  • Be careful, avoid the cross-country terrain and earth-roads;
  • During the movement, it is FORBIDDEN to open windows on a roof; please, check those in order to avoid damages;
  • Please, be careful while using the furniture and equipment. If something cannot be opened or turned on, do not make efforts. Everything has to function easily, and it is most likely, that you are doing something wrong. Watch the training video on the tablet;
  • Leaving the motorhome, do not forget to close windows on a roof, all doors, take off the awning (in case of wind) and switch off 12V network;
  • Unfortunately, the Motorhomes quite often become a target of thieves. Therefore, do not leave any jewellery, cameras, passports, computers, etc. on a table or in a prominent place. Unfortunately, city and beach parking (mainly on the Italian or Spanish coast) have a huge number of thieves. They may observe you while parking the motorhome in order to force a door or windows later on. Always park your motorhome on the beach so that you could keep an eye on it. Check on it from time to time;
  • You also need to keep an eye on the parking lot in shopping malls. Usually, several minutes are enough for your motorhome to be thieves’ aim again and they can easily spoil your vacation. We recommend at least one of the crew members to stay in the motorhome while the others go shopping.
  • Park the motorhome as far as possible in a public place (and don’t do it in a lonely or deserted place). We think that several Euros for the guarded parking are much cheaper than the loss of valuables, documents or the motorhome’s damage and the spoiled vacation.

Have a nice and quiet trip,

Truly Yours,