Into the new season – with the new Motorhomes

Flying Dog Caravan

What a news! We did not expect this from ourselves! In the new season – with the new Campervans for hire.
Until yesterday evening we had 4 caravans for rent. Everyone knows them: ALPHA, BRAVO, CHARLIE and DELTA. It is well known that this is a flight (military) alphabet.
As of yesterday evening during the summer months (July and August), all of our 4 caravans were occupied. Completely busy! And every day we received several calls from our Clients, who lamented that they were a little late and could not reserve our luxurious Caravans for themselves.
This morning we made a crucial decision. We are launching our new fifth Echo caravan. Initially, we intended to keep the ECHO in stock for sale. However, numerous requests from our friends and customers changed our decision.
The reservation for the ECHO is available from today!
The newest, straight from the factory, auto caravans will arrive to us at the end of March, and immediately go to work.
Although, what kind of work ?! It’s a thrill!
Probably all the cars in the next life, after reincarnation, dream of being born as motorhomes 😉

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