DENMARK: Country with magnificent places


Denmark is one of the most expensive countries in the world, therefore camper traveling is an optimal way for those who want to see everything interesting, having planned a personal touristic route, cheaply and without extra problems with luggage and living.

Great ways and widespread camp site network all over the country placed in the most magnificent places will not make you regret about you decision to travel here. The landscape is low and the relief is plain. All trip long you will breathe fresh air, eat country food, adore Danish cuisine and the severe beauty of Baltic sea. Irreplaceable Copenhagen is the quietest and most peaceful capital and one of the oldest cities in Europe.

The world-famous statue of the Little Mermaid from the Andersen’s tale became its romantic symbol. The city amazes with the multitude of historical, cultural and architectural landmarks. You will be able to make the children glad by visiting the largest theme amusement park “Legoland” and the interactive museum of modern technique and science “Experimentarium”.

It is impossible not to visit the park city of Odense, the home town of famous storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. It is a green town with many pedestrian streets, cozy restaurants and cafes. It is also rich in historical and cultural marks.

While visiting any Danish restaurant you are to try local fish: seafood is the base of Danish cuisine. Meat dishes are also widespread here, especially roasted pork and traditional stew with red cabbages and Danish vegetables with lard. For dessert there are apple pies with berry jelly and sweet soup made of strawberries and blackberries with cream.

Of course you should try Danish dairy products, especially cheeses. And, definitely, make yourself glad with famous Danish beer! You are going to love Denmark, this high-technology country which is the combination of large megalopolises and charming provinces, calmness and stability, honesty, welcoming attitude and the happiest population in the world.