NORWAY: Gorgeous country


The gorgeous country of Norway with its majestic nature and astonishing landscapes is just made for ecology tourism. You can easily take your way after taking the luggage, children, pets and stash of food and water!

Norway is oriented for car travelers, and there is a lot of camp sites at the most beautiful places and with free places. There are many parking places and viewing points along the way, from which touristic routes and picnic places begin. One of the Norway landmarks is the Troll Way, or the Troll Stairway. The core of touristic routes and example of engineering art, where magnificent views of mountains, passages, hills, woods and waterfalls are opened from every meter.

Along the way you are going to meet a lot of wild animals which bravely run over the road. Wheelhouse trip should include Lofoten Islands which are among the most attractive in the world due to its natural conditions. With the camcorders you can record the nesting of many Nordic birds and see the most wondrous landscapes of the wild nature – azure water, wild fiords and mountains. Norwegian cuisine is simple and undemanding. You should try the famous brown Brunos cheese with caramel taste, cream made of herring caviar and various fish dishes, at cooking which the Norwegians are successful.

You also should get a traditional woolen sweater with Norwegian patterns or deer. Norway is a country of contrasts, midnight sun and Northern lights, fiords, islands, waterfalls, rocks, tunnels, mountains and wild nature which is made for those who adore active tourism and appreciate the severe beauty of Nordic landscapes. And let the charming and peaceful song from Edward Grieg’s suite sound for you as a reminding of Norway, after visiting which you will not forget is as Solveig never forgot Per Gunt.