SWITZERLAND: Honorable and solid


Switzerland is the country of clocks, banks, cheeses and magnificent nature. People from all over the world long to see the charming mountains and ice caps, passages with outstanding views, unusual architecture marks.

Despite the roads in Switzerland being chargeable, their most pleasant feature is their special style and esthetics; they do not spoil the landscape. While visiting the valley of waterfalls – Lauterbrunnen, the well-known Rhine Falls which is the most affluent in Europe, and the Reichenbach Falls, the most famous in Europe due to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – the ‘place of death’ of Sherlock Holmes – you will be charmed with power of water flows falling from the heights.

There is an enormous amount of lakes in Switzerland, which are unique natural ecology systems with magnificent landscapes around. Town tours will help you absorb lots of impressions. Zurich, Lausanne, Basel… Relics and artifacts which are carefully kept, museum, architecture remembrance of the past centuries – you can find this all in each of them.

The capital city of Bern is the town of fountains with cozy streets, green river banks and marvelous bridges. The mascot of the city is the bear, which, due to legend, gave its name to the city, is depicted at the city flag. Genève is the ancient city named by Julius Caesar, located at the river of Rhone. Adore the harbor view and 140-meter fountain which became the symbol of Genève. Genève Lake reflects all of Switzerland: snowed Alp tops, ancient villages, cities and castles.

The magnificent monumental Chillon Castle described by Lord Byron is placed at its bank. You should try the hand-made chocolate known all over the world. Also you should get accustomed with traditional cuisine: fondue, Swiss ‘braid’ bread, fine wines and sweet cheese.

Switzerland managed to develop a powerful economy and become one of the richest and most developed countries of the world with high life quality and level. Multitude of historical marks, castles and beauty of Alp nature are worth beginning the travel and seeing it all by yourself.