MONTENEGRO: Mountains, sea and forests


Have you missed sun, warmth, summer seas, fresh mountain air? Then go to Montenegro! And you should hire an camper, because you can only reach the most picturesque places of Montenegro with it. A wide and well-developed network of well-equipped modern camping sites covers the whole territory of the land. Montenegro is an outstandingly beautiful country. Gorgeous skyline sea sights which open from the high mountains, luxurious Adriatic sea beaches, cozy bays and olive woods, blue lakes and lots of ancient architecture – all of this makes warm and welcoming Montenegro.

While making your way to the sea you are going to pass by the most gorgeous and highest Dzhurdevich Bridge, which is unique due to both its height and engineer construction. It is 172 meters high, located over the canyon of the Tara River, and its length is more than 350 meters.

Seashores of Montenegro became “The Best Beaches of Europe” winners more than once. Total length of beaches which can suit any taste is 70 km. The sea in quiet lagoons or gorges of mountainous shores is completely clear. The resort city of Budva is one of the most ancient Adriatic cities with a lot of myths and legends which are the source of the city symbol – two joined fishes.

Old Budva is the fortress town with a labyrinth of narrow streets, roads and squares polished by centuries. From the side of the sea Budva is guarded by the island of St. Nicholas with its ancient church and the highest bell tower in Adriatic region. In the village of Godyna all the houses are connected with each other via tunnel system for defense. Not far from Nikšić there is a field at which 30 rivers and 300 water springs are located. You should also pay attention to the unique river of Bojana – the only river in the world which flows in both directions. You will also adore the various and delicious food. While being at the port, you can buy fresh fish from the fishermen: shrimps, oysters, octopuses and fish. You should also taste the Montenegro cheeses, the variety of which is almost infinite. Marvelous and distinctive land of Montenegro will give you energy and power, charge you with health and come to you in your dreams and sweet travel memories.