Flying Dog motorhome Rental Interim Report 2021

karavany prenajom - wohnmobilmieten

Dear friends!
Our 5th tourist season is over. 
People say that 5 years of marriage is a “wooden wedding”. This is the first major anniversary. Wood is already a serious material. For 5 years, partners have lived together long enough to be called Partners. This all applies to you and us. We have experienced a lot of different emotions, events and incidents during these 5 difficult, but so interesting years. There were difficult moments, but there were so many of your smiles and thanks!
Here are a few facts about our motorhome rental devision that mark our achievements like milestones.

– Within 5 years we have sent on trips more than 600 crews (families);
– During 5 years we have worked 20 motorhomes;
– Within 5 years no one Motorhome has worked with us for more than 2 seasons;
– Within 5 years our company has become a dealer of 3 leading German brands: LMC, CARADO and LAIKA. (LMC and LAIKA – exclusive in Slovakia);
– During 5 years our motorhomes have covered half a million kilometers;
– Within 5 years our motorhomes have visited 23 countries;

We are actively preparing for the new RV rental tourism season-2022. Brand new German motorhomes have been ordered and are already in production. 
In 2022, we will sell from our warehouse the motorhomes of all three brands, in the widest range of configurations: from inexpensive to luxury. 
Today we are announcing the 2022 booking calendar start. 
See you soon in the New Season.
We wish all our Clients good health!

Sincerely yours,
Flying Dog crew

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