The biggest caravan show in the world


Dusseldorf – this word means a lot for real caravaners. It hosts the world’s largest (!) exhibition of caravans and related equipment.

This is an opportunity to introduce yourself to budding producers. For large companies, this is an opportunity to present new products for the next season to their Dealers. This is a meeting place for official dealers, an opportunity to exchange views, a chance to take stock of the season and make plans for the next year.

It is also an opportunity to see hundreds of fantastic works of art – huge and tiny caravans, to see the burning eyes of thousands of visitors, and a blessed opportunity to say to yourself – Yes, our company is doing the right thing – we give joy to people.

Flying Dog negotiated with its Principals: LAIKA, LMC and CARADO companies. Meetings were also held with the MOVERA and FRITZ BERGER companies, which we also represent on the Slovak market. We returned to Slovakia full of enthusiasm.

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