Summary of 2022 and preparation for the new season


The end of the season is an exciting event every time. So much needs to be done so that the caravans will successfully winter and be ready by spring – some will go to new owners, and some will work one more season in our flotilla.
Caravans must be carefully protected in the garage from the effects of precipitation. Inside each caravan, a moisture absorption system (air dehumidification system) will operate throughout the winter so that furniture and appliances do not become damp.
Caravans charge their batteries weekly – this is important for their long life. Once every two weeks, the caravans will start their engines so that the engine oil lubricates all the cavities.
Our team is working on the purchase and delivery of new caravans: our new cars are coming from Germany and Italy. In winter, we modernise and optimise our website: we add new motorhomes, we speed up the site for even greater your comfort. We carefully read your feedback and suggestions and work on your recommendations.
We are often asked: why don’t we rent caravans in winter? There are several reasons.

– First, the accident rate is sharply increasing. Almost every trip to the ski resort turns into scratches and dents on the bumper.
– Secondly, unfortunately, we have encountered situations when tourists allowed themselves to walk inside the caravan in huge ski boots. What is the result? The entire caravan is mutilated.
– From the point of view of entrepreneurship, this is completely uninteresting.
In the end, we decided not to endanger our caravans. They will be waiting for you new, unmutilated, shiny and smelling good.
In the 2023 season, five new caravans will work in our rental division. All of them will be only with automatic transmission, all will be in the maximum possible configuration, all with rear-view cameras, all with parking sensors, with a multimedia system, with solar awnings and bicycle holders, with TVs and tablets, with coffee machines and hair dryers, with our love and support 24/7/365.
The reservation process for 2023 is open, our long-term Clients are already with us.
Taking this opportunity, we congratulate all our Clients and friends on the approaching Christmas and New Year and wish peace and good.

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