Good day to all good people!

Flying Dog

Another of our news is not so joyful.

In late April, the DELTA motorhome was stolen from us. This is a mysterious story. Police detectives are now working, but it should become a science for us and for future travelers. The motorhomes should spend the night on guarded parking lots!

 FLING DOG is a responsible company, and in order to fulfill our obligations to Clients who are already dreaming about traveling with our motorhomes, we did not wait for the payment of compensation from the insurance company, and we have bought a new motorhome.

Brand new! And we called it the same: DELTA! New DELTA. Today received licenes plate in the Bratislava police. Now it is completed with the most modern accessories: solar awning, rack for bicycles, powerful air conditioning with heating, navigation, etc.

In a couple of days, the new DELTA will go on its first trip, we congratulate the lucky Customers of or RVs.

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