Our Caravans will sleep until the spring


Very touching picture, is not it? https://flying-dog.eu/en/motorhome-rental-in-europe/

Our Motorhomes for hire ALPHA and BETA entered the winter hibernation until the spring.
We provided them with full technical support, healed small scratches, installed air dehumidifiers inside the cabin.
Now they are sleeping under warm blankets. But March 2018 will come, and they will wake up, stretch, shake themselves off, wash themselves and joyfully go to work: to give joy to children and adults.
In March 2018, they will be joined by two more Autocaravans: CHARLIE and DELTA. They are already assembling at the best factory in Germany – LMC.
While our caravans sleep, we want to remind you that the reservation does not sleep! The reservation is available at: https://flying-dog.eu/en/motorhome-rental-in-europe/
We remind you that our arsenal Discount – great! Discounts for early booking, for repeated booking, for 2 and 3 weeks!
Let the Autocaravans sleep, but you will not miss your vacation!

Flying Dog Team.

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