Camper trailer & RV hire from Flying Dog: Customer Reviews

Camper trailer & RV hire from Flying Dog rental company.

We continue the cycle of stories from our wanderings through unusual places and interesting countries! Our ALPHA RV went to Norway. He covered about 5,000 kilometers in 14 days. However, this was not an obstacle – Flying Dog customers have unlimited mileage and 24/7 online support.

Breathtaking paths, beautiful scenery and the opportunity to spend the night right in the wilderness – this is what attracts true travelers. Our motorhomes provide perfect comfort on the road and during breaks.

Read a summary of the experiences of our clients from Norway, which they wrote for you in a detailed report:

– We traveled with friends like two families. In extreme Norwegian conditions, we could compare a new RV from Flying Dog with a RV that friends borrowed from another company:

– The automatic transmission is a complete blessing on a long journey; I always recommend you only this type of camper & trailer hire.

– We did not use the air conditioning, it was cold. But we regularly used heating. It worked great, the RV was warm, dry and cozy;

– The benefits of a powerful engine in the city are easy to overlook. Well, in the mountains, the second RV barely caught up with us !;

– There was absolute silence in the cab while driving. Instead of the rumble of furniture and the rumble of axles, we enjoyed the music. Friends in the other RV, on the other hand, complained about the noise;

– In our RV we had complete equipment – plates, cutlery, and so on. All in the basic rental price;

– There was also a large (140 liter) and economical refrigerator in our motorhome. When you are cut off from civilization, food supplies are key;

– The huge storage space of the RV allowed us to take a lot of luggage;

– The great ergonomics of the interior allowed the whole family to work comfortably and fully on the road. The children lay on the couches and watched TV, the wife cooked in the kitchen. The husband stood outside ready to avert the attack of wildlife (this never happened ;-)). Maybe the beast left us alone thanks to the picture of “Good Doberman”, which decorated the caravan and was our talisman 🙂


The RV’s from Flying Dog is really a MAXIMUM COMFORTABLE RV’s;
Flying Dog is a very pleasant company. During such a long journey, we did not avoid even minor damage to the vehicle. However, with the management of Flying Dog, we settled everything quickly also thanks to a good insurance company and the positive attitude of the director of Flying Dog;
Our adventure is over. But we are already looking forward to the next year and new experiences with the RV and camper trailer hire from Flying Dog!

Very happy family U.

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