Camping car rental: our experience how to spent a vacation

Our 25th anniversary of living together reminded us that time passes quickly and we don’t even think about it and we will celebrate retirement. So we came up with a gift that pleased us both and at the same time gave us the opportunity to try an alternative to traveling to the future. It has long excited us in the corner of our hearts: a caravan holiday. There are already plenty of possibilities for camping car rental in Slovakia.

Our choice fell on the RV rental company Flying Dog from Bratislava. However, there is no need to hesitate for a long time, because it may happen that you will not be able to have a motorhome this season! We managed everything in time, so at the end of July we picked up a ready-made cleaned caravan. We completed an instruction on the use of caravan equipment and a test drive to get acquainted with the driving abilities of us and the rented car. It’s all a habit, after a few kilometers, turns and parking, the driver’s self-confidence is back.

On the road, we appreciated the conveniences provided by the caravan.

The possibility of connecting devices to the RV battery, gas and electricity, refrigerator, private shower and toilet. Due to the hot summer, we enjoyed the air conditioning and blinds on the windows in combination with insect screens. We also had a good storage space at the back of the caravan with separate side doors. Here, in addition to a table and chairs, our two bicycles also fit. All details thought out, all spaces used, everything practical and easy to use.

The feeling of freedom to choose a destination on the road was a little disturbed by campsites that refused to book a place. If you did not stay with them for more days and so there was nothing left but to respect this rule and come to the campsite on time, i. by the second / third hour in the afternoon. Otherwise, it is very likely that the place will no longer be there. And so we used our bicycles and scooters in more hilly positions to explore the country more than a motorhome.

We recommend!

It will take you everywhere, you can easily park it and drive unexpectedly economically.
So we tried living in a house on wheels. We liked it, it took us quickly and safely wherever we planned, it protected us from thunder, lightning and the hot sun, it temporarily provided us with a bed and a roof over our heads. Upon our return, however, we again appreciated the comfort of our own bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. In the meantime, we will remain faithful to the brick house, even if it stands in one place ☺.

Thanks to “Flying Dog” again for good service in camping car rental!
Katka and Roelof

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