RV and trailer rental: Thanks! Feedback from our customers

Our trip was too short for me to break down. But I will try to get a little closer to our experiences of RV and trailer rental from Flying Dog.

Our goal was to visit Plitvice Lakes in Croatia and then refresh in the sea. Since we had a long time planned to set out on a RV trip, this short, only 5-day trip seemed just like a try. I started looking for RV and trailer rental options on the Internet. I admit, at first I contacted a smaller company outside Bratislava, but the very first interview did not convince me. I was interested in your website because it is perfectly designed, you will learn everything you need and even more. So all you had to do was contact you. Our first contact and also the first meeting did not disappoint us. Everything was kept as we agreed.

So we set off on a journey full of expectations.

The husband rode very comfortably and without problems, we made a few stops with the children. We found your recommendation on the Park4Night camping website near the town of Catrnja called Korana. We were very satisfied with the camp, as we traveled just before the summer holidays was not yet crowded. The equipment of sanitary facilities was per unit, a beautifully grassed area with a restaurant, a shop and a lot of free space for children’s games and chases. In the early evening we stayed and in the morning we set off directly from the camp by bus to Plitvice Lakes about 10 minutes away by bus.

I bought tickets for the lakes in advance on the Internet for 2 days so that we would not have to spend time waiting at the box office. I recommend to everyone 🙂 The lakes did not disappoint us, beautiful nooks, emerald water, waterfalls, wooden benches over the lake ….. Great! Possibility to take a sightseeing train or boat, possibility to hang out on a boat. For us and for children a beautiful experience and evening pleasant tiredness and beautiful memories. So nice to cooperate with so profecional RV and trailer rental.

I admit, I didn’t cook in the motorhome, it would be a bit more difficult with the restless children. So the RV provided us with a pleasant sitting after dinner somewhere in the restaurant. The most beautiful experience for me was the evening watching of fireflies, of which there was a lot. I haven’t seen fireflies in such a large number yet, late in the evening it looked like a night sky around us 🙂

The next day of walking along another part of Plitvice Lakes.

We slept well and comfortably in our RV and set out for the sea. We were looking for a route as close as possible to Plitvice Lakes so that we would not travel much time.

We headed to the town of Senj. We had beautiful views in the mountainous part of Croatia and we saw the sea. To the north of Senj we found a camp, we were thrilled by a pleasant shady place right on the sea shore, it led an excellent restaurant right away, but when it came to showers and toilets, it was a real disaster.
So we used the shower in the RV for a short refreshment and slept here. But the night was terrible, because no one can just the weather. The wind was blowing terribly and in the gusts of wind I was afraid that we would overturn. Fortunately, the children slept and nothing bad happened, but in the morning I was happy when we left. We found a camp south of Senj called Raca.

Super camp with all the facilities that belong to it, clean, nice, playground, restaurant. Possibility to park directly by the sea or across the road in a larger area. We landed in the sea and the next day we set out on the way home. Again a couple of pleasant breaks with chilled drinks and refreshments straight from the fridge in the RV 🙂

Thanks again for the RV and trailer rental and for great cooperation and I hope that we will use your services again in the future.

Have a nice day, a rich season and very good customers.

Elena and Lubomir F.

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