RV rental cost: Communication with you was great

It was perfect vacation! Thanks to you also very pleasant and positive. Even if it weren’t for your convincing approach that we can handle it all well and well, we might not even do it with a friend.

We were especially fascinated by the children, they were completely enthusiastic. I personally was fascinated by driving such a big car and all the details about caravanning. You have trained us in everything we needed to know and thank you very much for that.

These were all irreplaceable advice and recommendations from you.

We were of course satisfied with motorhome, it was really fragrant and beautiful like new! As well as RV rental cost.  I was just unhappy that the one with the alcove was stolen from you. Because I knew that with it it would be even more practical, more spacious. And, in terms of comfort, that the sun would not shine on me all the way as a driver, not to mention.

A colleague with the alcove was extremely satisfied. In short, in my opinion, even though this is my first experience. I dare say that ALKOVNA was probably not invented unnecessarily in the past and it is really the most correct design and version of the motorhome. But you provide us good RV rental cost and it was nice.

Communication with you was great and pleasant.

We planned the trip in the winter (also thanks to your recommendation) and also booked places in Camp, so we were nowhere surprised or dissatisfied with anything, everything was great and OK.

My only negative knowledge was only the floor outdoor carpet green, as he is more comfortable walking barefoot on it. But the ability to clean it and return it to you in good condition  would be an unrealistic thing. All the campers around us used the same carpet versions, but more plastic-cloth. They couldn’t get wet from the rain and what could be swept every morning were cleaner all day. I always woke up to the typical sweeping sound in the morning :)) )

You explained to us the awning that you only have this basic version with one top sheet. Which was ok and fine enough, but if there were at least two side walls to attach and create it as if a tent. Then we could have it also cleaner and it wouldn’t blow us there. And it didn’t rain as much during the rain as it does now. Where I always cleaned everything up quickly before the rain. So that we didn’t have things wet and rainy in the car in the back of the trunk and to give it all back to you dry …

Otherwise, we were satisfied with RV rental cost and with everything. And the equipment of the motorhome from you and your accessories and recommendations was great.

Thank you very much once again for the opportunity to make our dream and beautiful interesting holiday come true, especially for our children. I believe that we will definitely come to you again to borrow a motorhome with an alcove.

With respect and gratitude for the whole family



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