Small RV rental: our first family trip. Customer Reviews

Years of dreaming, which gradually took on more concrete contours. Mr. Google played a major role in considering and choosing to small RV rental. The main criteria were the physical availability of the rental, the possibility of renting a RV for only a few days. Customer references and the overall impression of the website. So for all this, the off-season autumn weekend and the Flying Dog small RV rental rental reached the finals of our selection.

Full of loaded blogs and articles about caravanning, feverish preparation of the itinerary, dining room, “necessary” luggage. And yet, when I stood in front of “Delta” – our new house on wheels – I felt like a total novice who knows nothing and most importantly. Especially has a great respect: in front of that big car, in front of all those buttons, in front of responsibility. And in front of the expected adventure.

The owner explained everything to us in detail – what closes-opens. (Important thing: “Nothing is done forcibly.” – just discovering the patent sometimes took us …) Turns on-off, when the gas can be released, when vice versa it must switch off. How the gas bomb is tossed, how the dirty water is discharged, how the septic tank is emptied, how the electricity is supplied. where the tank is, how the heating is started, the refrigerator, hot water, how to check the battery condition. How the vehicle is moving the way the RV’s tail behaves in a curve (the idea helped me a lot. “As if you were carrying a long wooden batten on your shoulder, you are turning to the left, but the battens are turning to the right!”).

You will say that the hourly instruction is long enough, it was far from for me.

I felt like I had my head like a melon from the excess information I needed coming out of all the holes. There were two of us with my husband …  And while we had a non-stop “friend on the phone” while driving, you mean the owner, who repeatedly helped us solve unknown situations. In my view, this sense of security was priceless. Only at night we didn’t want to disturb and that’s why we had “cold-blooded” the first night. Because in my effort to “turn everything off honestly” I also turned off the heating and by morning we had a beautiful 10 ° C inside the caravan. But at least we have something to mention!


  • Small pots for a 5-member crew – that’s why we took ours;
  • We didn’t know where to place the garbage bag;
  • Instructions for use in German only;


  • All of the above;
  • RV in excellent technical condition, fully functional and sufficiently equipped;
  • Instructional videos on tablets;
  • As a newcomer to the small RV rental, it suited us that we could try “it” for 2 days. And not order a week-long and longer stay, which we are definitely going to do after this experience !!!

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