US rv rental motivated us: Customer Reviews

Our story with the rv rental started so that my husband said that I still want to discover the beauty of our country with a motorhome. And I want to be like a bird, that it should not be tied to one place and see the places when we want. Our experience with US rv rental motivated us. And so my husband searched the net for various companies that build caravans and selected according to the quality of the equipment.

The age of the motorhome and in the clarity and on the websites of those providers. The only company that matched all our demands was Flying Dog.
The choice of my husband did not disappoint us. When he returned for the first time from the Flying Dog company.  When he signed the contract and paid the deposit for the caravan. He said, “Mr. Yuriy Oblog is very serious and I feel good about it.”

The day of our caravan holiday came.

And we were completely carried away from finally going on vacation. Because we were tired and needed to reset and get started. As my husband came with the caravan in front of us, he pushed the house into a brick fence and hid the side of the car. He leaving a groove in the caravan and a damaged fender above the wheel. I just opened the front door when I saw what he was doing. So I was horrified that when he got out of the car and saw with his own eyes what he had done. He would swear, and that I would take it with me, I preferred to close the door. So that I wouldn’t be at his first reaction.??

When my husband found out what he did, he was done and didn’t want to go on vacation anymore. He was tired not only of the whole week. But I of the situation that happened and at first we didnot know how to deal with it. When we calmed down, we called Mrs. Oblog’s owner and she gave us instructions in peace and quiet. He told us how to proceed and call the insurance company and report the damage and at the same time take a picture of the damaged car.

He reassured my husband that it would be resolved and that we should not spoil our vacation. On that day we equipped what we had and until the next day we left the house for our hardened vacation almost in the morning.

With the caravan, we enjoyed everything that could be achieved in the 6 days we had rented the caravan.

It was a great experience. We slept every night in a different caravan camp. Like during our us rv rental. Every time we came to the camp we had to say that we have the best and most modern caravan of all those caravans. We didn’t even want to go home.
We arrived one day early so that the car of the data could be inspected by the master from the insurance company. Because it was just Friday a working day and they did not leave the insurance company on weekends.

?Finally, I would appreciate that a person learns all his life and needs to be careful when something is in place. Thank God we were lucky that only such an accident happened to us, because there are accidents with a tragic end. And we can re-position or buy a caravan and spend a beautiful holiday on four wheels ️

Zuzana and Peter O.  ☀

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