Season 2020 is officially closed. Wellcome to season 2021!

Flying Dog result 2020 year rent a caravan

Congratulations to everyone: our guests, our team, our partners!

Let’s sum up the past season (I love summing up).

I must say that the 2020 season was successful for our company. The world has really changed over this year, and people realized that the caravan today is the safest way to rest and travel. It is a unique way to travel with your family inside your own mobile home. No noisy train stations, huge airports, crowded hotels, public restrooms and questionable restaurants – just you, your family, and adventure!

So, the results in numbers and facts:

  • Our caravans have served 94 guest families;
  • During this time, the Caravans visited 12 countries;
  • We are extremely pleased that many guests, including foreign ones, have chosen to travel to Slovakia this year. Slovakia is beautiful, underestimated by tourists, including the Slovaks themselves. Most of the guests returned with the words, “It was amazing!”
  • We have an increasing percentage of loyal customers who rent for the 2nd, 3rd time; These guests receive substantial discounts;
  • The percentage of foreign guests is growing with us. This year we received guests from Kuwait, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Turkey, UAE. Flying Dog is a truly multilingual and multinational company;
  • In addition to caravan rental, Flying Dog provided repair and installation services for add-ons and accessories. We have installed solar sheds, voltage inverters, bicycle racks, air conditioners, seat covers, gas appliances, and more;
  • We have strengthened our business of selling new and used caravans and trailers from a warehouse in Bratislava. Now we have 7 pieces of equipment in our warehouse, ready for immediate receipt;
  • This year we have moved to a new, comfortable, modern, fashionable office!
  • Finally this year we opened a representative office in the center of Vienna and launched the Austrian website:, which is showing excellent results.

Flying Dog goes to the next level

  • In the season 2021, we will represent 2 trade marks in Slovakia: LMC (exclusive dealer) and CARADO – we are one of 2 dealers in Slovakia;
  • In the new season, 6 caravans will work in our rental;
  • All our new motorhomes will be in the MAXIMUM possible configuration: only automatic transmission, only powerful motors, only 5 or more seats;
  • It goes without saying that all our motorhomes will be made 2021;
  • We have expanded the list of electronic assistants that will ensure comfort in caravans: in the new season, we are adding an automatic coffee maker, an electric hairdryer and a handheld vacuum cleaner to the list of equipment. These devices will be in every car – for free;
  • At the same time, we will have motorhomes  and trailers for sale in the warehouse;
  • Based on the recommendations of the International Health Organization, we have developed a new safety protocol describing approaches to cleaning and disinfecting our motorhomes, business processes and communication between our guests and team members; We have made safety our TOP priority;
  • We have improved and updated the unique design of the decorative and protective prints of our new motorhomes. How nice it is to receive messages from you with a pics: “Hello, we just saw your motorhome!” Yes, you will never confuse our unique caravans with others. Your motorhome will always be looked back and admired. If you park next to the Eiffel Tower, admiring tourists will be photographed in front of your caravan, believe me!

So, today we officially and inaugurate our automatic booking system for 2021.
Congratulations on the new 2021 season! Hooray!

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