Part 2. During motorhome acceptance

We recommend at least two members of the Motorhome’s future crew to participate in the course of Acceptance and training. The results of the Motorhome’s inspection are added to the Handover-Acceptance Record. Here the data about the motorhome, its equipment and damages (if any) are stated.

This Record is a written report, basis of which the motorhome’s return is carried out. It is in your interests to have this document to the fullest extent possible. Therefore monitor carefully what can be added and specified in it. Our task is not to inflict any damages on our customers. However, the motorhomes are to be sold later on and any damages will reduce their price considerably.

Upon your motorhome’s return, we will check the availability and condition of equipment, consider all damages and their description in the Record.

In case there are some new dents, scratches and other damages on the motorhome, which are not included in the Handover-Acceptance Record, we will demand you to pay for them if they are not covered by the insurance payout.

In this case, you will participate in the compensation of the franchise, i.e. 10% of a loss occurrence, but not less than €330. In other words, any damage of the motorhome up to €330 during its rental is paid by the Lessee.

Unfortunately, the most widespread words, such as: “It was there” or “I don’t know how it happened” will not be taken into account.