End of Summer Season: RV rental deals was quite good.


It is a pity to realize, a pity to talk about it, but the summer and summer season of 2019 is coming to the end.

Our company is already beginning to prepare for the 2020 season. RV rental deals was great.

According to the results of the exhibition in Dusseldorf, we have already placed pre-orders with our principal, LMC-Caravans.

Experienced caravanists know that the LMC is “BENTLEY” among caravans: Relatively small production volume, reasonable price, highest quality, unique design and technology. In the next season, our company will again release only new caravans, and only the highest class.

In this regard, we have great news:

We are starting the sale of our fleet. All our caravans are available for sale. It will your best RV rental deals. You will find a complete list, specifications and prices on our website in the SALE section.

Possible test drive, leasing, financing.

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