Fascinating statistics for the Season – 2019. We’re the best RV rental companies.


Comes to the end of the season-2019 of our company.

We will give some interesting statistics regarding motorhome rental result for our customers. Obviously we are the best company among other best RV rental companies))) In few words.

So, our motorhomes:

  1. visited 22 countries;
  2. Together drove more than 100 thousand km;
  3. Received 4 insured events;
  4. Have made happy more than 100 families;
  5. Including – 70 children;
  6. Including – 7 dogs and 1 cat;

We want to inform our Customers, and now our friends, that we are not tired for this Season, we are positively charged from you, and we are already planning a new season with a beautiful visual outline 2020.

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