Incredible Norway by Caravan


Incredible Norway by Flying Dog Caravan

We continue the cycle of stories about the travels of our Caravans to exotic places and countries.

Our caravan ALFA travelled to Norway. The total mileage for 14 days was about 5 thousand kilometres. This is not an obstacle – because the Customers in the Flying Dog Company have unlimited mileage and 24 hours online support.

The vast expanses, magnificent roads, spending the night in wild places – this is what attracts real travellers. And our Caravans provide comforts during the movement on the road and during the breaks.

We give the reviews about the trip of our Clients in Norway in the reportage style of presentation:

  • QUOTE:
  • We travelled with two families with our friends. In the extreme conditions of Norway, we had the opportunity to compare our new Caravan from Flying Dog with another Caravan, which our friends rented from another company:
  • Automatic transmission is a pleasure for the driver at long distances;
  • We did not use an air-conditioner, as it was cool;
  • But we used the heating regularly, thanks to the powerful stove in our Caravan it was always warm, dry and comfortable;
  • You do not feel a forced engine in the city and on short distances, but in the mountains – you immediately become a Leader. The second Caravan barely kept pace with us;
  • During the ride in the cabin of our Caravan was complete silence and comfort. We listened to the music, but not the noise, creak and rumbling of furniture and utensils. Our friends in the second car complained these annoying inconveniences;
  • In our Caravan was a very rich bundle, which was included in the base price: dishes, cutlery, etc.;
  • In our Caravan was also very roomy (140 litres) and at the same time an economical refrigerator. When you are away from civilization – the issue of reserve and security of provisions is of particular importance;
  • The huge garage/luggage compartment in our Caravan allowed us to take with us to the road an unlimited amount of equipment;
  • Excellent ergonomics of the internal space allowed to live without a special crowd and function inside the Caravan to a whole family: Children slept or simply lay on spacious sofas or watched TV, the wife cooked in the kitchen, men stared around, ready to repulse the attack of wild animals (which never came)));
  • Perhaps the wild animals did not attack us because on our Caravan was the image of the Good Doberman, who was our Talisman))))


  1. ALFA Caravan from Flying Dog Company is REALLY VERY COMFORTABLE CARAVAN;
  2. Flying Dog is Very Comfortable Company. Damages Caravan in the process of a long journey – very likely, and they were. With the management of Flying Dog Company, we quickly settled all issues, thanks to a good insurance company and a constructive position of the director of Flying Dog;
  3. Our Adventure – happened. We are waiting for a new season and new adventures with Flying Dog!


Happy End 😉

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