Win of Ukraine!

Ukraine took 3rd place at the European Aerobatics Championships in the Czech Republic! On the podium there are 3 Odessans – Valery Nalyvaiko (4th best pilot in Europe in the individual classification), Alexander Diveev and Viktor Gorbachenko!

A total of 45 pilots from 14 countries participated. Gold from Russia, silver from France – both are favorites of the competition. And about Ukraine .. when the day before I called on organizational issues, the director of the competition expressed doubt that Ukrainians would arrive at all)) Yes, unlike other countries where this sport develops with the support of the state, we have it on voluntary opportunities. .. And before the competition, instead of training, the citizens of Odessa were engaged in the repair of the aircraft .. This is the real WILL to Victory!

Special thanks to Flying Dog which rented a motorhome for the rest of Ukrainian pilots between flights.
By the way, 3 Czech companies, when they found out that the client was from Ukraine, refused to lease. What was left for me? .. to find Ukrainians in neighboring Slovakia)) It is interesting that the pilots are the first clients of the company with the symbolic name Flying? ️?
Did heaven itself favor us?

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