LLT from LMC: what is that?

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12-year vehicle body water-tightness warranty*

LMC represents the quality and long service life of caravans and motorhomes with Long Life Technology. We promise that you will experience good feelings and maximum safety on your trips.

* Long Life Technology in LMC caravans: LMC grants a vehicle body water-tightness warranty of 12 years to all caravans. An annual, fee-based test by an LMC contract partner is required. * Long Life Technology in LMC motorhomes: LMC grants a vehicle body water-tightness warranty of 12 years to all motorhomes (except for the Tourer). However, this applies up to a total distance travelled of 120,000 km. An annual, fee-based test by an LMC contract partner is required. 

LLT, what is that?

LMC Long Life Technology is the most innovative construction technology in the recreation vehicle industry. It is the result of consistent further development of the materials in the vehicle body, setting the benchmarks in terms of durability, safety and preservation of high value. Many satisfied customers are already putting their trust in the one-of-a-kind advantages of Long Life Technology.


Roof made of aluminium
Floorpan made of coated plywood
Wooden framework in roof, side panels and floor
Insulated by polystyrene

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Hail protection and weatherproofing by GFR roof cladding

Floorpan made of strong GFR to survive the toughest of conditions

High-strength PU reinforcement bars for stability and torsional rigidity

Moisture-resistant high-performance insulation core made of XPS foam

Consistent further development of 
market leadership in lightweight motorhome construction

Construction and insulation

Unlike conventional attachments from many other manufacturers, LMC does not focus on wooden and Styrofoam framework for the bodies. A special JACKODUR® insulation core made of XPS foam is used for insulating our caravans and motorhomes.

The material commonly used for insulating buildings provides insulating properties in line with the current state of the art of technology, effectively supporting energy savings in the vehicle.

Highly-stable polyurethane braces in the framework of the exterior walls ensure stability and torsional strength. Just like the insulating JACKODUR®, these PU rails are also completely water-resistant. This wood-free vehicle body construction prevents damage due to intruding moisture.

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The benefits for you

Moisture-resistant materials 
prevent damage
Energy-saving construction through
optimal insulation
The warm air remains in the vehicle in the winter and the heat is kept way effectively
in the summer.
Environmentally-friendly manufacturing
of the 
materials used

GRP protection

The weather is not always favourable – Hail damage is an important topic. However, you can use LLT construction technology to calmly confront this issue. Our solution for damage due to weather influences is called glass-fibre-reinforced plastic or GRP.

GRP is an extremely robust and durable fibre-reinforced composite made of epoxy resin and polyamide. The advantages of the material are high impact resistance, even when strong external forces are present. LLT construction technology uses GRP in two places: On the roof, it effectively protects your vehicle from hail. Thanks to the underbody panel also manufactured using GRP, the harshest road conditions and falling rocks are not a problem.

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The benefits for you    

Extensive protection from hail 
and falling rocks


Many insurance companies grant discounts for
vehicles with GRP protection

UV and weather resistance: 
GRP does not lose its shape or colour

Adhesive technology

The interior panel, the insulation layer and the outer shell of the vehicle are connected to a stable unit via a unique adhesive process only at LMC. The PU adhesive specifically developed for LMC has the same high-quality properties as the substrate and is applied under strictly controlled conditions. This is used to guarantee not only the maximum load capacity, but also continuous resistance to moisture in the vehicle body.

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The benefits for you

Accurate, high-quality adhesion

High load capacity

Resistance to moisture