Season 2017 – officially closed!

Sleeping Camper

Company Flying Dog announces the closure of the 2017 season! We thank all our customers and friends for being with us!

Today, our luxury rv for rental have repaired all of their minor cosmetic injuries that were received during the Season-2017.
They covered themselves with warm winter blankets and went to winter hibernation until March 2018.
In the meantime, the Flying Dog has ordered 2 brand new alcove six-seater caravan. They will be manufactured and will arrive in Bratislava in March 2018.
Booking and reservation of all Four Autocaravans for the Season 2018 is already available on our website:
We pay attention to the charming discounts for early reservations (Earley Birds), as well as discounts for loyalty for repeat customers.
Meanwhile, the Flying Dog is not wasting time and is preparing for the new Season – 2018, which we’ll keep you posted on!
Thanks again to all our customers!

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