17 countries visited with Flying Dog camper vans in 2017


Today we want to sum up the results of the Season 2017.

Here is the review of the list of countries which our camper vans have visited.

The first, of course, is Slovakia. Amazing with the beauty and richness of nature, it is unfairly underestimated. Slovakia can surprise endlessly. It is hospitable, comfortable and inexpensive.

Secondly, there is Austria. It instantly associates with lakes, mountains, forests, and ecology and high-quality food. It’s more expensive but comfortable.
Thirdly comes Italy. Incredibly beautiful, tanned, spoiled, I would even say – “tasty” Sea beauty. Who doesn’t love Italy!

On the fourth place, there is France. I like only D’Artagnan in France. Oh, no – also French wine. Yes, and, perhaps – cheese. Well, they have beautiful nature.

5. Czech Republic – Slovakia’s elder sister. It’s bigger and richer, but not at all more beautiful.

6. Germany. Oh, there is everything here! The sea, mountains, forests, excellent roads attract the travellers. Everything is like in a luxurious restaurant. And that’s why I’m personally not very comfortable there.

7. Poland. Our Customer went there for business, although you can also relax in Poland.

8. Hungary. Most of Hungary is Lake Balaton – the magnificent lake with nice campsites.

9. Slovenia. She’s also a Slavic cousin, with its piece of the sea.

10. Croatia is sunny and hospitable. But the summer is too popular and therefore overcrowded by tourists.

11. Montenegro – a colourful, slightly wild, mysterious resident of the mountains.

12. Switzerland. It’s an astonishing country. It appears to be the standard in terms of ecology and quality of life.

13. Belgium. A Beautiful and expensive country, there is something to admire.

14. Denmark. I was on my way to Norway. But it also deserves some attention!

15. Norway. This is almost the end of the Earth! You can see the notes on this expedition in one of our previous posts: https://flying-dog.eu/en/incredible-norway-caravan/

16. Liechtenstein. It is a tiny but not at all poor state-principality. Country/City/Bank.

17. San Marino. This is a small and exotic state-city in the centre of Italy. But our Flying Dog was noticed there.

Total of 17 countries! It’s not bad for the first season, what do you think?
And, according to unverified data, one of our AutoCaravans stopped by to listen to the Sunday sermon of the Pope in the Vatican (look carefully at the photo) …

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