Cheap RV rentals: Flying Dog is the best solution

Good evening,

I’m not a blogger, but I’d love to write you a few words about our journey.

We have been driving caravans for a few years, mostly in the summer during the holidays, which does not mean that we do not run skiing.
My wife writes her own blog about skiing, and in the summer, of course, a few posts about cheap RV rentals and caravanning: “”

We got to caravanning in a natural way, from motorcycles. When children were born, we looked for another way to travel in a nomadic way. From place to place, often without a clear goal.

So far, we have driven about 10,000 km through about 15 countries with a caravan (trailer), so we have experience, but now we want to find a cheap RV rentals and try a motorhome, a RV.
We chose Flying Dog because I spend their rental every day on the way to work, but mainly because of the good and fair price.

The first contact with the owner was very pleasant.

And therefore I did not hesitate to make a reservation immediately and look no further. Handing over the RV, learning to use and driving were great. LMC RV are of high quality and there is no need to worry that something will break if you forget to close the closet or drawer before driving. We closed at the next opportunity. The RV was fully equipped with dishes and cutlery, which we also liked. Luxury RV rentals – feel the difference!

We went on autumn skiing on the Kitzsteinhorn, which is also a very nice experience. Our children and we especially appreciated the comfort of driving. At a speed of about 110 km / h, consumption was maintained at 10 l / 100 km. We had a RV with a vending machine, which I’m used to and it suited me. I had to get used to the Italian machine and the handbrake. But the great thing is that the children can draw while driving, etc. Zigzag stops are also a minimal problem. With a tank of about 90 liters, you can drive almost 1000 km. The water and waste tank also lasts a long time, and we actively cooked and washed the dishes. Only we had to change the toilet. A large refrigerator is enough for long-term supplies.

I like the large RV storage space.

I would be worried in the summer if we took bikes, an outdoor tent and other things for the overall weight. Although it is a large RV, it has a capacity of about 450 kg as an ordinary person. I hope I’m not mistaken.

If I have to mention the opposite side of the coin, compared to the trailer, the RV has less space. And its possibilities can be used to the fullest only if you sleep outside the campsites. I see the impossibility of disconnecting from the car as a big disadvantage. In Kaprun, we had to kick ourselves to let us into the bus parking lot when we went swimming at the local swimming pool. Otherwise there were signs of caravans and motorhomes everywhere.

Again, driving a caravan (trailer) requires a proper towing car (the manual suffers) and sometimes an extended driver’s license. And of course more experience and help in reversing, which is sometimes a divorce 🙂

For those who want to try caravanning, Flying Dog is the best choice. All you need is an ordinary driving license, you don’t need extraordinary experience, RVs are equipped with a reversing camera. Immediately upon arrival at the place you are done, no need to do any other tasks than with a trailer. So – cheap as well as luxury RV rentals for your disposal.


Martin K.

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