Rent a RV near me: Flying Dog s.r.o. recommended!

Rent a RV near me

We decided on a holiday in a motorhome and chose the company Flying-dog. We just try to look through: Rent a RV near me.

Communication with the company, rental conditions and reservations were “straightforward”, with no hidden nooks and crannies identified.
Upon taking over the car, we received complete training (as we had no experience yet) and we paid a mandatory deposit (refundable if the car is returned undamaged).

After arriving in front of the house, the children were most happy with the motorhome. They even fell asleep in a motorhome on the back of the bed before driving. Then we moved them asleep to the child seats.
We set out on a journey through Austria and Slovenia to Croatia. Riding a motorhome required a defensive style and driving around 100 km / h.

In the morning we arrived at the chosen camp, slowly spread out things and enjoyed the nearby sea.

We had lunch at a nearby restaurant and then enjoyed swimming in the sea. Dinner at the restaurant was expensive again – as usual in Croatia. It was not hot at night thanks to all the windows open. It was important to pull the insect nets, otherwise we had a space full of mosquitoes. The next day we decided to cook lunch and dinner in a motorhome. The heat generated during the cooking of pasta heated the interior even more, so we used the air conditioning of the living space. It can be said that we spent most of our time in front of a motorhome and we were only inside at night.

We canceled the original plan to move to another camp and stayed in only one camp – as we had an excellent place, services and children had a place to play. Our holiday time passed very quickly and it was time to pack. Before the ride, we closed all the windows and set off.
Upon arrival home, we unloaded, cleaned the motorhome and poured out the designated tanks.

When we returned to the company, we checked the whole RV.
We definitely plan to repeat this type of vacation. It is so easy: Rent a RV near me. The answer is – Flying Dog.
We recommend renting a motorhome from Flying Dog – for clear conditions and new RV (year of manufacture 2017 and only a few thousand kilometers). Thanks to that everything worked and we were able to enjoy our holiday.


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