Gratulujeme novému majiteľovi karavanu LMC od Flying Dog!


Our next motorhome gone to Vienna to see its new owner.
LMC Cruiser Comfort 672G – manufactured in 2019 in excellent condition and in the maximum configuration – has changed its place of residence.
As you know, Flying Dog is a Slovak rental company and an official dealer for the sale of new motorhomes of the LMC and CARADO brands.
Every 2 years we completely renew our fleet and buy brand new motorhomes. The motorhomes that we have used in rental for the previous 2 seasons are sold at very attractive prices.

Thus, our clients always receive only new caravans for rent. During the rental process, we protect our motorhomes as much as possible from damage. All the seats are covered with covers, the floors are protected by rugs, the tables are protected by foil, even the outer side walls are covered with laminated foil.
Thus, our cars become the most fun and recognizable. And at the same time, the film reliably protects the outer surfaces from unpleasant small scratches.
Our dear customer was sincerely wondering: How is it that the motorhome is 1.5 years old, but it looks like new? We answered modestly, but with dignity: we love our motorhomes.
Love them, and they will answer you the same.
For our readers, a humble reminder: we still have a lot of motorhomes for different wallets. Brand new and slightly used. Large and small, motorhomes and caravans. Waiting for you!

Our DELTA go to Austria for its new owner. Good luck to both of you!
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