7 BEAUTIFUL (and unknown) places in Slovakia from Flying Dog renting camper vans Co. # 3


Forgotten Railways “Gemerské spojky”.
The railway network in the Gemer region. It located in the areas of Rimavska Sobota, Roznava, Revutz, and Brezno. It began to be built after the Vienna Arbitration in 1938.
However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the construction of the railway route was never completed. This is a whole network of abandoned tunnels and bridges. That will be appreciated by everyone who is interested in history, architecture, and mysterious expeditions.
The attraction is also popular among cycling enthusiasts since it is possible (and even convenient) to ride a bike on these routes.
Our company is pleased to publish reviews of the most interesting tourist places to visit by caravan and renting camper vans.

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