RV motorhome rental Co Flying Dog present to you 7 BEAUTIFUL (and unknown) places in Slovakia. № 2

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POLONINA – “reserve of the dark sky”
Traveling with family with our RV or motorhome rental will allow you to see the most amazing places.
What is astrotourism? where to watch the stars?

It is from the motorhome that you can admire the starry sky all night long. Hint: there are hatches in the roof, opening which you can enjoy the view of the stars from the bed of your caravan. Great, isn’t it?

Where the nights are really dark, you can see fifty times more stars than in the city. There are less and less such places on the Planet where you can admire the sky – lighting interferes everywhere. According to researchers of light pollution, one third of people in the world do not see stars. This means that there is a need to create special reserves where people could go to enjoy beautiful views of the night sky.

One of these nature reserves, one of 47 places on earth where you can still admire the starry sky. It is the POLONINA “Night Sky” Park in Slovakia.

The twentieth “night sky” park in the world, POLONINA. It is also part of the “Primeval beech forests of the Carpathians and the Ancient beech forests of Germany.”

Due to light pollution in the world there are very few accessible areas. Here the sky can be seen as it was seen by our distant ancestors.

POLONINA National Reserve, is one of those places where stars are visible in all its diversity. Here you can just walk under the stars or look at them through a telescope. According to the Bortl scale, the darkness in some areas reaches level 2.
In the future, they plan to expand this area in the adjacent territories of Poland and Ukraine.

Our Flying Dog – RV motorhome rental Company is pleased to publish reviews of the most interesting tourist places to visit by motorhome.

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