Flying Dog – luxury motorhome rental Co present you 7 Beautiful (and unknown) places in Slovakia.


There are tourist destinations in Slovakia that everyone knows about. All our customers knows that Flying Dog – luxury motorhome rental company will always help to choose a destination.
There are famous fortresses and castles, picturesque peaks of the Tatra Mountains, or crystal clear lakes. But there are also unexplored attractions for travelers who prefer to explore unique and interesting places.
With the beginning of the holidays and the beginning of the summer travel season. We decided to pick up for you seven more or less famous places in Slovakia. Which you most likely have not heard of, but which are really worth your attention.

Take a trip with Flying Dog for a new and vivid experience!
So, let’s go … Number 1.
Klin – a village under the embrace of Christ.
In the village of Klin, near the Orava Dam reservoir, there is a sculpture of Jesus Christ, 9.5 m high. It is the third reliable copy of the famous Brazilian statue towering above Rio de Janeiro (the second copy is in the Portuguese Lisbon).
This monument is located at an altitude of 686 meters above sea level on Mount Grapa. It offers a beautiful view of the Orava reservoir, Namestovo, Wawreczka, Rogace and, in fine weather, also on the Polish Giewont, a town of Zakopane.

Flying Dog – luxury motorhome rental company is pleased to publish reviews of the most interesting tourist places to visit by RV.

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