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Attention, we are announcing several important events!
Event No. 1. In view of the approaching end of the 2020 tourist season, we are announcing the upcoming sale of our fleet of four magnificent best RV rental 2019 LMC caravans, in the maximum complete and luxurious configuration. All caravans are serviced, have a mileage of about 25-30 thousand km and are in excellent condition.

You can find prices, description and photos HERE:

You can come for a check-up on any day by prior arrangement.

The caravans will be available for sale from the end of September, but you can pre-book for yourself now.

Event No. 2. Right now we are ordering new caravans for the rental season 2021. There will be 5 cars for rent, possibly 6.

These will be the same luxurious, roomy, state-of-the-art caravans, with automatic gearboxes, state-of-the-art security systems, awnings and air conditioning, bicycle holders, etc.

Soon, when the 2020 season is fully completed, we will replace the RV on our website, and new caravans will become available for reservations for the 2021 season.

Event # 3. Along with the caravans for the 2021 best RV rental season, we are ordering new caravans for free sale. The warehouse will have caravans of both our brands: LMC and CARADO. For now, we order caravans based on our own preferences, “as for ourselves.”

However, you still have the opportunity to come to us and together we will order from the manufacturer a caravan or caravan “tailored for you” – with all the desired options.

You can see what we will have in stock for sale in 2021 HERE:

This extraordinary year and extraordinary tourist season has clearly demonstrated all the benefits of traveling in a motorhome: alone with your family, in your personal 5-star hotel on wheels.

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