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A brief history of LMC Caravans:
Since its foundation 65 years ago, LMC Caravans has been the epitome of German quality in the caravan industry. Their long history and wealth of experience make them one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers in Europe.

The LMC Caravans range:
LMC Caravans is diverse and innovative, providing comfort and style for all travellers. With a constant focus on modern technology and design, the LMC range includes caravans and motorhomes and offers a variety of options to suit all needs. From classic styles to the latest technology, LMC is at the heart of innovation.

LMC’s key benefits:
LMC stands out among European brands for its unique features:

  • 12-year waterproof guarantee: this is the best guarantee in the industry, highlighting the high reliability and durability of LMC products;
  • State-of-the-art materials and technology: LMC uses advanced materials that guarantee safety, performance and style.

FLYING DOG: Your reliable partner in the world of LMC caravans in Slovakia:
FLYING DOG is proud to be the only exclusive LMC dealer in Slovakia. Our professional approach, sales experience and positive reviews on Google confirm our excellence.

New LMC units in stock.
Specials on LMC trailers out of stock: When you purchase a trailer from FLYING DOG stock, you will receive a bonus of €500 towards the purchase and installation of additional accessories. More information here:
Choose LMC caravans with FLYING DOG – your partner for carefree and unforgettable journeys!

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