Flying Dog took part in the CNT – 2020 exhibition in Stuttgart (Germany)


The result of participation in the exhibition was 2 events:

  1. Our company has submitted an application and received preliminary approval for the right to represent the CARADO trademark in the Slovak market. We are awaiting formal notice. CARADO Gmbh is a member of the Ervin Hymer Group, a company with 65 years of history, a leader in its niche, has a wide range, democratic prices and German quality.
  2. We familiarized ourselves with the model range – 2020 at our Principals: LMC and CARADO. It is very interesting to observe the evolution of motorhomes constructions. How dynamically changing modern materials, how companies fight for every kilogram of excess weight, how they strive to introduce cost-effective devices! Chassis manufacturers are not far behind, each year offering new products: motors, gearboxes, chassis elements. The exhibition in Stuttgart begins to compete in scale with Düsseldorf.
  3. We are confidently developing. We look forward to when we can pick up our new RVs and trailers from the factories. We prepare ourself for next season of mobile caravan hire.
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