Some important news: decreasing the motorhome rental prices


1. This season, Flying Dog Caravan Rental will be open until November 10th. After this period, all our caravans will be sheathed in the parking lot until April 1, 2020, when we begin the new season. And, we’re decreasing the motorhome rental prices. It is good news.

2. In the 2020 season we will increase our fleet and add a few new caravans and car caravans. Orders for them have already been placed in production with our Principal – LMC. Soon we will make them available for reservation on our website. It is second good news, along with the motorhome rental prices decreasing.

3. Our advice. In order to guaranteed reserve the desired rental period for the next season, you need to do this as soon as possible. The most far-sighted have already booked their trip and are sleeping calmly and with a smile.

4. We remind you that loyal customers are expected not only to repeatedly, and therefore – a particularly pleasant meeting with us, but also discounts.

Truly yours,

Flying Dog RV rental

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