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Flying Dog motorhome Rental Interim Report 2021

Dear friends! Our 5th tourist season is over. 
People say that 5 years of marriage is a “wooden wedding”. This is the first major anniversary. Wood is already a serious material. For 5 years, partners have lived together long enough to be called Partners. This all applies to you and us. We have experienced a…
luxusne karavany Laika

Dear friends, adventure lovers!

Dear friends, adventure lovers! We are very proud and excited! Our company Flying Dog received the right of an exclusive dealer in Slovakia from perhaps one of the most charismatic caravan manufacturers – the LAIKA trademark. It is very symbolic how harmoniously our brands and logos have united: two flying dogs, the most faithful and…

New LMC motorhomes in our stock in Germany: immediately available

20 last motorhomes in our warehouse in Germany Attention! This year will be unusual in terms of the demand for motorhomes clearly exceeding the market supply this year. This is already visible and understandable. The concept of rest has changed over the year. Noisy and crowded hotels have been closed. Perfect time for travel and…

Campervan hire Europe Company Flying Dog congratulate the new owner of RV!

Our next RV gone to Vienna to see its new owner. It is motorhome LMC Cruiser Comfort 672G – manufactured in 2019 in excellent condition and in the maximum configuration – has changed its place of residence. As you know, Flying Dog is a Slovak rental company and an official dealer for the sale of…
Flying Dog result 2020 year rent a caravan

Season 2020 is officially closed. Wellcome to season 2021!

Congratulations to everyone: our guests, our team, our partners! Let’s sum up the past season (I love summing up). I must say that the 2020 season was successful for our company. The world has really changed over this year, and people realized that the caravan today is the safest way to rest and travel. It…

FLYING DOG small camper rental Co in the international magazine “Highlights”

FLYING DOG small camper rental  Company was mentioned in a survey published in the international magazine “Highlights”, published in Vienna. Thanks to Angie Trask, our conscientious and objective expert. We really love our job, we love to travel and travellers! We are preparing for the next season, which will be even more eventful than the…

Some information from our best RV rental kitchen

Attention, we are announcing several important events! Event No. 1. In view of the approaching end of the 2020 tourist season, we are announcing the upcoming sale of our fleet of four magnificent best RV rental 2019 LMC caravans, in the maximum complete and luxurious configuration. All caravans are serviced, have a mileage of about…

7 BEAUTIFUL (and unknown) places in Slovakia from Flying Dog renting camper vans Co. # 3

Forgotten Railways “Gemerské spojky”. The railway network in the Gemer region. It located in the areas of Rimavska Sobota, Roznava, Revutz, and Brezno. It began to be built after the Vienna Arbitration in 1938. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the construction of the railway route was never completed. This is a whole network of abandoned…
Flying Dog Temporary Provisions

Attention to our present and future customers!

The beginning of the season is already very close, however, in Slovakia there is a strict quarantine (and this is very correct). How to proceed? Luxury campervan company hire Flying Dog will help you to found the best solution. We ask all our Clients to familiarize themselves with the Temporary Provisions that have entered into…

Dear Customers of Flying Dog!

To our common regret, a dangerous virus has come to our region. The European government is doing everything possible to stop the spread of infection. Our reservation calendar for cheap caravans to rent the upcoming tourist season is almost full. Many of you have questions: what to do with a paid trip, in the face…
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